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> Father Mahon Knights of Columbus Council 3541 Educational Assistance Fund, fbo St. Edward School - Ashland, Ohio
> First Presbyterian Church - Building
> First Presbyterian Church - Missions
> First Presbyterian Church - Programs
> Ford Leadership and Operations Endowment Fund
> Ford, Dr. Lucille G. Ford Fund fbo, Ashland University Academic Programs
> Ford, Dr. Lucille Garber Fund, fbo First Presbyterian Church - Ashland, Ohio
> Ford, Lucille G. Community Grants Fund
> Fossaceca, Eleanor "Ellie" Memorial Fund
> Fostering Family Ministries Agency Fund
> Fredo, James E. Aid Fund
> Fredo, James E. Memorial Scholarship
> Freer, Frances Scholarship
> Friends of the Hillsdale High School Class of 1987 Fund, fbo HHS Band, in honor of Steven Taylor
> Freer, Harley Jonas Memorial Scholarship
> Gailard, J. and Mary Lawrence Hall Scholarship
> Gardner, John and Jean Scholarship
> Garrett, Dr. Alvin W. Charitable Fund, fbo Ashland Symphony Orchestra
> Garrett, Dr. Alvin W. Charitable Fund, fbo First Presbyterian Church
> Garrett, Mary E. Charitable Fund, fbo St. Edward's School
> Geisinger, Russell E. and Harriette R. Community Grants Fund
> Geisinger, Russell E. and Harriette R. Fund fbo Ashland Public Library
> Gerwig, Terry and Nikki Family Charitable Fund
> Gorsuch, Arthur B. Endowed Scholarship
> Gounder, Mr. P.A.R. Palanisamy and Mrs. Lakshmi Ammal Honorary Scholarship



Lanie Hartge
Educational Programs Director

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"Contributions of any size may be made at any time to established funds held by ACCF. Gifts in honor or in memory of loved ones are accepted at all times and in any amount as well. We hope that our online giving area provides you with a convenient and simple giving experience. Should you have any questions about making a donation, I am happy to help. We appreciate, very much, your support of Ashland County."

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